As an independent expert on cyber security Frank Heikens uses his expertise to advise financial institutions to effectively protect their core business from cyber attacks, malware and other online threats.

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Taking a proactive approach to stop all fraudulent activity starts with providing you with indispensible insights to regain control of your online security.
By comprehensively analyzing your existing security system, ByHeikens can quickly identify, analyze and present risks and vulnerabilities in your financial organization.
ByHeikens provides organizations with a training program to get started quickly within your organization and guarantee performance excellence by your team of experts.

ByHeikens has shown a record success in preventing credit card fraud from occurring. However, further analyses is needed to determine the exact number of success rates.

Managing risk well with minimal IT assistance is strategically important and essential to the success of your business as it helps keep costs to a minimum. 

ByHeikens protects the most commonly used payment webshop tools: WooCommerce, CheckOut, Stripe, ACH payments, WePay,, Dwolla, Amazon payments, PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

ByHeikens has been proven effective whilst saving time, money and losses due to fraud. With ByHeikens ABN AMRO bank reported a significant reduction in fraudulent activities. These results are available to organizations upon request. 

Dos attacks are difficult to defend. Fortunately most DoS attacks do not actually breach a company’s network but simply overwhelm it with traffic. With ByHeikens, in the extremely rare cases it had happened, clients hardly noticed and experience next to no inconvenience. 

Yes. We also perform screening of the individual originator, timing, transaction, IP location, monetary value and beneficiary information.

The ability to link these different factors in real-time allows the self-learning machine to adapt, evolve and constantly improve over time without human intervention.

Malware, Phishing, SMSing. Social Engineering (Whaling) Expoiting Weaker online platform and Bank insiders.

Yes. Our solution can mitigate the risk of online fraud in any business irrespective of size.