Financial Fraud Protection

Financial Fraud Protection

At the same time as customers’ demands for speed and convenience in online and mobile banking are increasing, fraud tactics (due to criminal creativity) grow even more sophisticated. These hostile attacks and malware are a high cost risk that can also impair the integrity of your organization.

For financial institutions it is paramount to implement a 100% fraud prevention solution, but not at high cost or while compromising on a convenient banking experience for your customers.

100% Fraud Protection
What is unique about our technology is that it is based on a premise of searching for complex patterns in event sequences. It means correlating unusual patterns of human behavior in an ocean of complex object-user interactions.

Including the human element has demonstrated the ability to detect fraud with a success rate of 100%. While other systems are reactive and respond to incidents, our security approach is proactive: preventing breaches before they happen.

Our big data analytics tool has the ability to automatically detect and protect against all types of cyber crime, block them and create real-time reports. Our machine learning system protects against a number of threats including malware, phishing, Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) / Denial of Service attack (DoS)?, SMS text messaging, social engineering (whaling), exploiting weaker online platforms, bank insiders, and ‘man in browser’.

Affordable to All
Security systems can be very expensive, meaning smaller financial institutions simply cannot afford a system that detects 100% of security threats. What distinguishes ByHeikens from other security systems is that it is also affordable to smaller financial institutions.

More advantages
In addition to the most important benefit, i.e. combat fraudulent activity at the gate, there are many more financial advantages to implementing our Intelligence Driven Security detection solution:

  • Gain competitive advantage by minimizing losses that often result from an undetected threat
  • Cut down time on analysis and report creation or reviewing transactions that pose no risk
  • Empower your security team with easy-to-use technology
  • Marketing optimization: Enable broader and more in-depth analysis to provide your customers with extra value
  • Reputation management: Security is about much more than preventing unauthorized access. It is also about trust. Customers will trust their information and assets with a financial institution that can guarantee 100% protection

Yes. We also perform screening of the individual originator, timing, transaction, IP location, monetary value and beneficiary information.

The ability to link these different factors in real-time allows the self-learning machine to adapt, evolve and constantly improve over time without human intervention.

ByHeikens has been proven effective whilst saving time, money and losses due to fraud. With ByHeikens ABN AMRO bank reported a significant reduction in fraudulent activities. These results are available to organizations upon request. 

ByHeikens protects the most commonly used payment webshop tools: WooCommerce, CheckOut, Stripe, ACH payments, WePay,, Dwolla, Amazon payments, PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

ByHeikens has shown a record success in preventing credit card fraud from occurring. However, further analyses is needed to determine the exact number of success rates.

Yes. Our solution can mitigate the risk of online fraud in any business irrespective of size. 

Dos attacks are difficult to defend. Fortunately most DoS attacks do not actually breach a company’s network but simply overwhelm it with traffic. With ByHeikens, in the extremely rare cases it had happened, clients hardly noticed and experience next to no inconvenience. 

Managing risk well with minimal IT assistance is strategically important and essential to the success of your business as it helps keep costs to a minimum. 

Malware, Phishing, SMSing. Social Engineering (Whaling) Expoiting Weaker online platform and Bank insiders.